Congratulations Class of 2020 and Especially the Nursing Students

Congratulations – and well done! It’s been a challenging journey but you have proven you were up for the task. Now, perhaps more than ever before in our nation’s history, YOU and your Nursing Skills are very much needed! We are very proud to have played a part in your accomplishments! Stay in touch – we wish you all success!

— Dr. Francia Reed

Congratulation to Applied math graduates

Congratulations to all Applied mathematics majors! It was a pleasure to have you in our classes, doing research projects with you, and having you as teaching assistants and tutors. Most of you are completing 2 majors, or at least an additional minor. What an accomplishment! We are proud of you and know that you’ll do great things in years to come.

— Zora Thomova


Congrats, SUNY Poly Class of 2020!!! This is a huge accomplishment. You should be very proud of yourselves. You have exciting things to come and new adventures ahead. Best wishes!!!

— Becky Weldon

Congratulations HIM Graduates!

Congratulations to the HIM graduates! We will miss you and we look forward to hearing from you in the future. Please keep in touch. We often see our alumni at HIM professional meetings and we hope to see you there too! Good luck with the national RHIA exam!

— Dr. Donna Silsbee

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

From the College of Health Sciences, let me express our heartfelt joy and happiness for your accomplishment. Completing your education takes perseverance, goal setting and drive! Remember that you embody all of these wonderful qualities as you move onto your next set of dreams in life. We feel so privileged that you selected to earn your degree from SUNY Poly. Stay Wildcat Strong! Dr. Kathleen Rourke

— Kathleen M. Rourke


Wishing you the very best on your graduation day! You should be proud of your accomplishments. Good luck in your future!

— Diana Spiridigloizzi, RN, Wellness Center


Congratulations on your well-deserved success! Best wishes for your next adventure… So proud of you all!

— Dr. Doreen DeCorah

CBH Majors: You DID IT!!

I know that we’ve asked a lot of you in your time at SUNY Poly–especially this last year–but I hope you are proud of all that you have accomplished while you were here. I am certainly proud of you! Dr. Jo and I would love to hear from you. Please let us know about all the great things you are doing–you could even be featured on the CBH alum page of the website! Remember, you have a great deal to offer, and the world needs you…now, more than ever. Don’t be afraid to shine! Be well…and stay in touch.

— Dr. T

Congratulations Class of 2020

I am honored to have been part of your college life. I’ve seen the good choices that you have made for yourself and your health. I wish you the best for continuing good health and success in the future.

— Tracy Stein NP at the Wellness Center

You did it!!

Congratulations on THIS accomplishment, many more to come! Be Happy….. Be You!

— Jo Ruffrage, Wellness Center Director


Congratulations to the Class of 2020 from somebody from the class of 1984. All your hard work paid off and now you get to either enter the work world or go on for your Masters. No matter what you choose the world is yours! Go out and do your best with whatever is planned for your future.

— Mary Meyers

Keep in touch!

Congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates, and welcome to membership in your Alumni Association. I hope that you have many good memories of your time at SUNY Poly. Please keep in touch with us as you move on to the next chapters of your life, sharing your life events with the college community thru social media and the Bridge alumni magazine.

— Lynn Osley Rosen ‘78

Congratulations, You Did It!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Keep on growing. Keep adding to the goodness and beauty in the world. Keep developing those unique dreams and talents that make you who you are. Sending you all warm congratulations and wishing you the best in your future endeavors. Come back and visit us!

— Lance Frasier

Congratulations Class of 2020!

You’ve all made it through! Good job to you all in achieving your academic goals and I hope the best for all of you! There’s going to be easy and tough times, but it’s all in the works. Just remember that you gotta get through some obstacles to achieve great things in life! Congrats to all graduates of 2020! You deserve it!

— Jennifer Tran

Cheers and Celebrate Class of 2020

You made it….you finally made it! Think back when it all started and you said – “Four years + — that’s a long time. I don’t know if I can do it.” No doubt you got encouragement from your parents or friends to move you along. Now you at the finish line and you’re saying, “Where did the time go?” As you depart and embrace further education or a career, time will indeed fly by. You will look back at the moment in your life that you decided to make SUNY Poly part of your life with the struggles and fun that encompassed your stay here. You will smile or shed a tear remembering those special moments, good or bad that was your world. This will be with you forever. Unfortunately this years graduation will not be what you thought it was going to be. No one could have imagined this, BUT it will be something that will go down in history. There will be no way that you or the world will ever forget the year that you graduated. There are many hurdles ahead and many problems to be solved, of which you may play a part in solving....

— Frank Dybas

Congratulations, Graduates!

Congratulations on your most recent milestone! The Class of 2020 is part of history – not only unique to our campus community but, globally. During these unprecedented times, you have prevailed. We are so very proud of your perseverance and we’re grateful to call you alumni. Best wishes as you continue to strive toward your goals and we look forward to staying connected as you move forward. Take care as you celebrate this year’s graduation. With kindest regards, Krista Thompson

— Krista Thompson

You did it!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Through all the obstacles thrown your way, you didn’t let anything keep you from fulfilling your dreams and we are so very proud of you. You put in the work, you had some fun, and made some incredible memories along the way…but best of all, you did it! Best of luck to you in your next steps, wherever they may be. We will miss you all but never forget, SUNY Poly will always be your home!

— Jennifer George


“A man’s hand must exceed its grasp or what’s a heaven for.” Robert Browning.

— Leiter Doolittle


To the class of 2020, congratulations! You leave #SUNYPoly to join an elite group of 27,000 worldwide alumni. Now is your time to get out their and show the world how your SUNY Poly education has prepared you to flourish in your respective field. We all at the alumni association and beyond can’t wait to see and hear about all your post-poly successes!!

— Tucker Mogren '19

Congratulations Class of 2020

” You can choose courage or you can choose comfort.” “You cannot have both.” By Dr.Brene Brown. I am encouraged that each and everyone of you graduates are going brace this world with courage, tenacity, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, civility, compassion and love. Your time to shine is now!

— Harron James

To the Class of 2020…

Your day is finally here! Although the semester didn’t go as we hoped, this is YOUR TIME to celebrate a big accomplishment! I wish all of you great success – and make sure to stay connected with us at SUNY Poly as much as possible. Congratulations #SUNYPoly2020…We will miss you all! 🎓

— Mike Aiello


On behalf of the SUNY Poly Alumni Association, sending congratulations to our 2020 graduates! We are so proud of the achievements you have made and welcome you into our SUNY Poly alumni family. As you chart your own path, we wish you success in your career. Graduation doesn’t mean goodbye. We hope you’ll always stay connected to SUNY Poly and your fellow Wildcats. Congratulations!

— Andrea LaGatta


Although this is not the semester you had planned for, you persevered and came through like a shining star. We are so proud of you and wish you nothing but the best as you continue chasing your dreams!

— Jennifer Janes