Congratulations Class of 2020

To All My Seniors!

YOU DID IT! Your hard work, resilience, and tenacity has paid off and you’ve officially completed your academic career. We all recognize that you have braved the storm during this unprecedented time we find ourselves in and it’s hard to envision a future that didn’t include a walk across the aisle, but YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT!!
Please know that although things seem uncertain, scared and even depressing your class has the ability to show up with courage and identify your true passion. Take the time to really discover your purpose and learn what your greatest gifts are. A college degree doesn’t define your identify or your life’s work, it’s a small layer of the greater design.

You’ve spent four or five years devoted to academic and maybe some career exploration, now is the chance to seek how you want to put it to use. Learn how the skills you have developed can teach you if the career path you’ve selected is the best fit for you. If you can’t identify a path to go, reach out for help! We are here to support you in your journey of finding a job.

I am proud of what you’ve accomplish through this storm, but always remember that at the end of each storm there is rainbow shining brightly. We will get through this together and even if your circumstance are defining you in this moment, stop, take a deep breath because you’ve got this!

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing where you go next!

— Jose Miguel Longo